Monday, January 17, 2011

Like Father, like Son

Gnanam was watching some old French cartoons and was singing to Helaman the words, Helaman was of course interested in the noise and colors. he's turning out to be just like his Dad. :) (P.S. Gnanam finally cut his hair today, so this was his long curls, before the shave!)

Dad and Baby

The Last Days of the Year, 2010!

Our Good Friend Katie come over, she's been a great support to us, and she and her Husband moved away so I snapped a quick photo to capture the moment.


We visited Washington for Christmas Break, and we were lucky to have all the Family Home for Christmas, including my Brother Jacob and his sweet wife Suzanne, and of course a few silly pictures of the Helaman with them. I regret not having more photo's with the rest of the family but I guess they got erased. Bummer.



Jake and Suzanne

Jared and David

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Video!

I received a new video camera call a "FLIP" and it comes in handy when it comes to taking videos! so here they are...
This video is done just one day before his 6 month birthday. What a funny little boy.