Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jared Benjamin High

My Brother Jared's Birthday is today and He would be 25. Some times when I'm at home we'll mention something funny about the past and we'll start out "remember when..." Well, here are few "remember when..." stories about Jared.
Remember when...
...Jared and I used to get 25 cent pops from Costco and put a straw in it and napkin around it, it was so important to do it just that way.
...Jared and I used to fight over the bent pillow in the big blue van.
...Jared and I built a tree house and slept in it the night Dad was gone out of town 'cause he said we couldn't (it wasn't safe. )
...Jared and I would sneak Dad's four-wheeler out and ride it. he he he :)
...Jared wore holes in his jeans faster then humanly possible.
...sat on his sandwich because we convinced him it would taste better.
...used to pick his hair so much that he got a bald spot.
...Befriended Brian and was his friend till he died.
...used to play T-ball and was pretty good.
...Opened up the back of the van door and played super man as Dad drove home from Church. (scared the crap out of every one)
...loved his cats.
...used to say, "Katrin did it" for everything that went wrong.
...used to say, "back cak" instead of "back pack"
...used to say, "happy donald" instead of "McDonalds"
...Jared and I dug a fort in the desert across the street, and then our mean nieghbors broke it.
...Jared and I had our first kiss (to different people of course) on the same night in the same place. (spin the bottle)
...used to like gymnastics, even as a little boy on the side of the door.



Above (left to right) Dad, Sonja, Mom, Jared (above), Jake, And I

Happy Birthday little brother. We still miss you.


  1. Oh my gosh!! Some of those, I forgot. Thanks for sharing that, some of them made me laugh.

  2. I remember Jared climbing the walls like spiderman. And of course his awesome trampoline skills!