Wednesday, April 20, 2011

S17/day 9 Shoot, I don't rememeber this far back. nor do I remember what I lost. probably less then a pound.
We cooked a slow cooker meal that was a dash too much cayenne pepper so I couldn't eat it all. lesson learned, don't add more than it says in the recipe.

M18/day 10 I don't think... okay yeah I lost this day. -1.5. their is a BIG correlation with water intake and weight loss, the more you drink the day before the more you will lose.
Chicken with tomato paste and other seasonings (Italian I think) and I used the lettuce as a wrap for a sort of tortilla affect. and veggies added to the chicken mix which when in the wrap.

T19/day 11 Tara -0 Gnanam-0
fish-tilapia dipped in lemon, seasoned with a random chef season. (that doesn't have sugar in it.)
AND I found out a lame rice substitute, I thought the recipe said cauliflower but really it said cabbage, so I followed the idea and went with it since I already started chopping. Cut cauliflower up in ity-bity rice size pieces and then with "I can't believe it's not butter (fat free) spray", spray the pan and cook the veg until it's lightly brown. I also added a bit of a my favorite season and it turned out great. Gnanam loved it.

W20/day12 Tara -1 Gnanam -3 I stared dreaming again about food i shouldn't eat, it stinks because even in my dream I feel guilty for cheating.
I made a BBQ mix, sorry you sort of have to by the mix from the peeps who make this diet stuff up but the rest was easy. (and you don't really need to use apple cider vinegar from bragg, it tastes just fine with normal vinegar.) then with the BBQ mix I grilled on the George foreman my chicken it was really yummy. I also put together a cilantro-celery-cucumber mix with some balsamic vinaigrette which wasn't so yummy. probably not a repeat.

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