Thursday, April 14, 2011

Your fat, your fat, you know it!

Okay, first thing. Photo bucket is having some technical issues, but assured me they are trying as best they can to fix the photo problem asap.

Second thing, We (Gnanam and I) have started a diet. I won't get into the details but I would like to keep you up dated about the progress, they say one of the best ways to have success is to record your successes and failures.

Day 1-2 (Saturday and Sunday) started eating like crazy and taking the drops. Gained 3lbs

M11 Day 3 (Monday) Low cal-high protein diet begins. Everything looked good that wasn't allowed and nothing looked good that was allowed. By night time both Gnanam and I had head aches. (I talked the Dr. and he said that is the most common side effect and should pass in a few days.) Gnanam's headache went away by morning and mine turned into a migraine that resulted in a welcome vomit followed by restful sleep.
*Cooked -Chicken in pieces with yellow neck squash in a pan with water and season all.

T12 Day 4 . Tara -2lbs, Gnanam -3lbs. The head ache was gone and although we were both still somewhat hungry, we both agreed that the first day was the worst.
*Cooked halibut fish in a pan with water and season all (I lacked creativity yet. well, I still do)

W13 Day 5. Tara -2lbs, Gnanam -3lbs. (We weigh ourselves first thing in the morning). We feel much better and I find that I'm not as tired in general. Gnanam claims he can play basket ball better.
*Cooked Beef steak using a BBQ mix (sugar free) I got especially for the diet. I also had cottage cheese for lunch instead of chicken.

T14 Day 6. Tara-0lbs, Gnanam -3lbs. I'm not sure why I didn't lose, but I'm guessing I've met my plateau, and will have to start working harder. But I'm still diligent in drinking my 8-10 8oz classes a day and taking my drops and I'm hopeful that things will pick up (or pick down if we're talking weight wise.)
*Chicken seasoned with Walden farms dressing. It's really great stuff and I'm sad I didn't discover it sooner. It's 0 cal, 0 fat, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 0 cholesterol and gluten free. Believe it or not, Gnanam and I are sold, this stuff doesn't taste bad and we can use it to marinade anything.

(side note, I'm so proud of Gnanam, today we went to Grandma's house and brought our own food, and guess what they ate? all the best food imaginable! stuffed potatoes, honey BBQ'ed meatballs and green beans. [I seem to see food in more amazing detail now that I can't eat it] And Gnanam and I both didn't touch it, but we sure did stare a lot. :)
Stay tuned, more to come as the days go by...

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